Are you looking for a new way to challenge yourself, are you ready to take on something new that can really push you to succeed and reach your goals? See our events that are designed to push you like never before.


Get ready effectively, train hard and remember sweat is only temporary. When you succeed at our events you will only feel pride and a sense of euphoria for completing what will become your New personal goal.


Imagine that euphoric moment and that sense of achievement when you can lift your hands in the air and scream i beat the challenge. We will be there to congratulate you all the way as well award you your winners medals.

Trail Marathons Wales – Trail Half Marathons Wales – Ultra Marathons Wales – 10k Races Wales.


At Challenge Wales Events we’re dedicated to making a difference with events that make athletes feel valued. We’re committed to bring the best value events to Wales. The team have more than 30 years of taking part in major sporting events around the globe and we are always looking for new innovations that set us apart from the others

Challenge Wales Events is on a mission to carve out its own legacy in sports history and in 2017 we will demonstrate this to the whole of Wales. Our staff and incredible team of volunteers stand ready to ensure you have the best race experience possible.


PLEASE NOTE: The BUFF 10k, Afon Epic 5k & Hoka Half Marathon are SOLD OUT. You can see them on our EVENTS PAGE


The Ultimate Trail Running Experience!

For a runner, there is nothing more freeing than running up a mountain, cascading down alpine meadows, jumping over trees, and anticipating the unknown that awaits around the next switchback.
Step off the radar and embark on an epic run adventure of self-discovery through the heart of epic Afan Forest Park with our Trail Running Academy. Learn from the experts and become a better runner.

What are you waiting for?

Stop wandering around on runs that are not testing you and making you feel like as a marathon runner you are not 100% valued. We believe that you deserve to be pushed and have the feeling of euphoria when you cross the finish line. Imagine breaking your personal best on a new stage, the challenge you have been looking for, the challenge you can achieve!

Join one of our events and see why Challenge Wales Events is the perfect way to solve your new challenge headache. Lets push through and succeed together!

Grow stronger
Become Faster
New Challenges
Succeed your goals
Improve your health

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10 events

or more per year


value every runner

Why Trail Running Is Good for You